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Posted by:hashes
Subject:Help with Kismet configuration file needed
Date:08:41:58 05/10/2011

> > nscource,=wlan0:r8101=intel
> > I AM NOT SURE THIS WORKS, but it does scan networks
> This is a weird broken config line that just happened to function.
> Your wifi card is intel. The RTL is your wired ethernet.
> ncsource=wlan0 would be sufficient.
Thank you very much for your answer. Yes, ncsource=wlan0 does scan networks.
At least I know this part is correct. I do have a few more questions, but since they concern other things than the config file, I will post it seperately.
(Sorry about all the spelling mistakes in my first post. I must have got carried away ;)

I guess this post is now solved.

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