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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Problem compiling plugin-ptw on BT5R1
Date:20:04:40 04/10/2011

> It looks like BT5 R1 has what we need in /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/ :
> root@bt:~# ls /usr/local/ssl/include/openssl/
> aes.h conf_api.h ec.h mdc2.h pqueue.h ssl.h
> asn1.h conf.h engine.h modes.h rand.h stack.h
> asn1_mac.h crypto.h e_os2.h objects.h rc2.h symhacks.h
> asn1t.h des.h err.h obj_mac.h rc4.h tls1.h
> bio.h des_old.h evp.h ocsp.h ripemd.h ts.h
> blowfish.h dh.h hmac.h opensslconf.h rsa.h txt_db.h
> bn.h dsa.h idea.h opensslv.h safestack.h ui_compat.h
> buffer.h dso.h krb5_asn.h ossl_typ.h seed.h ui.h
> camellia.h dtls1.h kssl.h pem2.h sha.h whrlpool.h
> cast.h ebcdic.h lhash.h pem.h ssl23.h x509.h
> cms.h ecdh.h md4.h pkcs12.h ssl2.h x509v3.h
> comp.h ecdsa.h md5.h pkcs7.h ssl3.h x509_vfy.h
> Forgive the noob question, but what do I do with this knowledge? Do I need to set an environment variable or edit the Makefile?

Either add a -I/usr/local/ssl/include to the CFLAGS or symlink the openssl includes dir into /usr/include/openssl/

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