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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet with Prism crashes Router
Date:13:08:29 03/10/2011

> Hi There!
> I've got an Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router running openwrt and I installed the kismet_drone from here:
> Now I managed to get my kismet_drone to run and talk with my kismet_server running on an seperate linux box. But I can't get it to scan for networks.
> When using the wirelss card for connecting to networks I only have the device /dev/wl0 but when I switch the card to monitor mode, I get a second device /dev/prism0 which can be used successfully for scanning by the scan tool horst (see, but when I configure the kismet_drone like that: "ncsource=prism0:type=hostap"
> The last thing I see is the message:
> ERROR: Source 'prism0' doesn't have mac80211 support, disabling VAP creation of default monitor mode VAP
> Write failed: Broken pipe
> And then the router reboots.. When I instead try to directly use the wl0 device, no matter which type I use, I always get those errors:

The reboot is definitely a driver bug.

Kismet is trying to make a vap, which it can't because these are wacky proprietary drivers (it's not hostap as far as I know).

Then it opens the device for capture, and hits a bug in the driver and causes the router to die.

Not sure what to suggest since you can't really control the version of the binary bcom driver.

It doesn't help you, but personally I gave up on dealing with any wl-based stuff a long time ago, once atheros-based routers became available, because of wackiness like this, constantly changing drivers, etc.

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