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Posted by:kaefert
Subject:Kismet with Prism crashes Router
Date:14:37:13 02/10/2011

Hi There!

I've got an Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router running openwrt and I installed the kismet_drone from here:

Now I managed to get my kismet_drone to run and talk with my kismet_server running on an seperate linux box. But I can't get it to scan for networks.

When using the wirelss card for connecting to networks I only have the device /dev/wl0 but when I switch the card to monitor mode, I get a second device /dev/prism0 which can be used successfully for scanning by the scan tool horst (see, but when I configure the kismet_drone like that: "ncsource=prism0:type=hostap"
The last thing I see is the message:

ERROR: Source 'prism0' doesn't have mac80211 support, disabling VAP creation of default monitor mode VAP
Write failed: Broken pipe

And then the router reboots.. When I instead try to directly use the wl0 device, no matter which type I use, I always get those errors:

ERROR: Failed to set monitor mode on interface 'wl0' in current state, bringing interface down and trying again
ERROR: mode set ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument
ERROR: Failed to set monitor mode on interface 'wl0', even after bringing interface into a down state. This usually means your drivers either do not report monitor mode, use a different mechanism than Kismet expected to configure monitor mode, or that the user which started Kismet does not have permission to change the driver mode. Make sure you have the required version and have applied any patches needed to your drivers, and that you have configured the proper source type for Kismet. See the troubleshooting section of the Kismet README for more information.

I hope somebody knows whats going on here and can instruct me, thanks guys!

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