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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:no clients seen
Date:01:48:41 01/10/2011

> So is this correct that i ever must first select the AP with arrow-keys before i can see any clients?
> If this is the case, then it's definitly a UI-problem, because i can't select any APs with arrow-keys or with mouse. I tested it with a real terminal too (no gnome-emulated terminal), but it doesn't work too. So I'm thinking that it's no backtrack depending problem. Because you wrote that you can't reproduce this i will install kismet on my debian-partition. It will need a bit time but then I / we can see if the problem is the backtrack-OS.

Its a PEBCAK (Problem Exist Between Computer And Keyboard). Sort the list first, then you can select a detected AP and see the details on it.
Just like it says in the documentation. You DID read the documentation, right ???
*points up above where it says Documentation


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