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Posted by:dag888
Subject:Cant create HTML with kismet log viewer
Date:23:54:39 29/09/2011

If you look at, line 213 you will see that it is looking for the data in a <maxrate> tag. The lines:

$net_maxrate =

say to get the data in a <maxrate> tag. So if the xml file has the tag <maxrate>12</maxrate> this code will get 12. The problem is that the new format for the Kismet xml files uses <maxseenrate>. So you just have to change this to:

$net_maxrate =

and it will not error out on line 213. There are a few other changes. The <weak> tag just doesn't seem to be in the xml file anymore. There are a bunch of <client-*> tags, e.g. <client-data> around line 635 (you'll see the error when you try running again). I changed these to:

client-mac : no change
client-data : data
client-crypt : crypt
client-weak : removed these lines
client-datasize : datasize
maxrate : maxseenrate

I cannot remember if there were any others but once I changed these it generated all the html files. Is the data right? You'll have to figure that out for yourself. I don't have any old format xml files, so I cannot be sure I altered the script to match the current xml files.

> I have downloaded Knoppix-STD with integrated Kismet log viewer and get same error ("getFirstChild"). So, I think KLV doesn't support logs from newer Kismet versions (I use Kismet-2010-01-R1) :-(
> Maybe somebody can tell, how to check some statistics from kismet logs (*.netxml). I have a lot of *.netxml files. I can merge them with script, but how to know: how much APs was scanned, how much APs use WEP/WPA, and another info? Please help me to find answers
> >
> > root@bt:~/kismet-log-viewer-0.9.7# ./ Kismet-20100319-07-25-30-1.netxml
> > KLV: Loading AP Manuf Data...
> > KLV: Loading Client Manuf Data...
> > KLV: Loading Logfile...
> > KLV: Generating main HTML File...
> > Can't call method "getFirstChild" on an undefined value at ./ line 213.
> > root@bt:~/kismet-log-viewer-0.9.7#
> >
> > What I'm doing wrong?
> > Please, help me to solve that problem.
> >
> > Maybe there is another kismet log viewer? I just need to build some statistics about wireless APs in my city.

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