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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Exeperience with Kismet on Plug-type computers (ARM)
Date:03:00:15 29/09/2011

> - Get the old 2008 kismet to work with the Marvell Libertas sd8688 (I think this is just not supported though, at least not with monitor mode?).
> - Install the newer kismet without compiling (which will be the next step if I can't find anything).
> As a last question, if it proves necessary to ditch the build in marvell, does anyone have a suggestion for a USB wifi card that would work well in this ARM + kismet enviornment?

You definitely would want to build a compile environment and build the newest kismet. The old one isn't going to work with any modern drivers well and is completely unsupported.

You've got a fairly good chance w/ newcore kismet + libertas since it's built into the kernel and OUGHT to work like a standard mac80211 driver.

If it steadfastly refuses to, generally the alfa cards are cheap, well built, and work pretty well with the kernel mac80211 drivers.

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