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Posted by:lanoitarus
Subject:Exeperience with Kismet on Plug-type computers (ARM)
Date:20:09:23 28/09/2011

I'm trying to get kismet up and running on a Guruplug plug computer, which seems like a really promising platform: they're cheap, extremely low-power (about 2 watts while active), and very low profile. It seems like a more flexible and less capacity-constrained version of a router based kismet drone.

I've hit a handful of issues, mostly centering around the ARM-based plug and its weird wifi card (Marvell Libertas). I've hunted through google trying to find easy solutions and keep coming up dry, so I'm posting here in case anyone else had crossed these bridges before.

The Plug comes with a debian-based system, so I'm trying to stay with this for simplicity if possible. The built in package manager has kismet available, but it is very old (2008). This version installs fine, but I can't get it to recognize the Marvell Libertas device type (But, i've never used the oldcore kismet before so I might just be an idiot here).

If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions, even vague ideas, I'd love to hear them. Particularly anything that might help:

- Get the old 2008 kismet to work with the Marvell Libertas sd8688 (I think this is just not supported though, at least not with monitor mode?).

- Install the newer kismet without compiling (which will be the next step if I can't find anything).

As a last question, if it proves necessary to ditch the build in marvell, does anyone have a suggestion for a USB wifi card that would work well in this ARM + kismet enviornment?

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