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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:no clients seen
Date:16:39:27 28/09/2011

> Thanks for helping!
> OK, i let my fingers away from iwconfig, but there are still no clients.
> I am sure there is minimum one client at my own AP (my smartphone ^^).
> I looked around in the internet and saw in tutorials (etc...), that you must select the AP with arrow-keys. All this tutorials based on an older version of kismet, but in my version of kismet shipped with Backtrack 5 R1 i can't select any AP. I think i have this problem:
> So i think the problem is the UI of kismet, not the device.

If it says no clients seen, no clients have been seen.

Can't replicate any problem using the UI. Don't know what/if anything backtrack has done to it.

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