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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Installing Kismet on Mac OS Lion - cannot see text
Date:13:30:03 28/09/2011

> Any suggestions?
> I have looked into the Documentation and have not been able to see anything obvious.
> Since I cannot see or navigate I have been unable to see much to see if Kismet is working under Lion.

Usually this problem shows up under one of the terminal programs on mac, and not on the other ( vs console maybe? I forget).

The terminal is reporting color capabilities to kismet that it can't back up, so things are getting set to use colors that aren't working.

In general, xterm is more capable than the builtin terminal.

You could edit ~/.kismet/kismet_ui.conf manually and set all the colors to black on white (or the other way) and then reset them in the client using the normal color selection, as a last resort.

However, i can tell you, it won't work with lion to capture off an airport card - apple changed the api yet again so nothing can interface with wifi. Someone contacted me and is working on looking at the changes and seeing if there's anything that can be done, I don't think we've figured out yet if it's even possible with lion to get a capture like we're used to.

You can always look into something like the userspace usb capture with an alfa card, - at some point when I have time I'll look into rolling that into a plugin so you don't have to run a separate binary as well.

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