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Posted by:echidna
Subject:Installing Kismet on Mac OS Lion - cannot see text
Date:12:47:26 28/09/2011

I have installed kismet onto Mac OS Lion.

You need to download and install Xcode (you can get Xcode from the Mac App Store).

after you go through the instructions it all seems fine.
however when you start up kismet, you get a blank screen - in that the text is there, but it cannot be read except if you use the mouse to highlight and select the text.

it seems to be putting the text as black on a black background, I can see it once it is highlighted, but I cannot navigate very well.

Any suggestions?

I have looked into the Documentation and have not been able to see anything obvious.

Since I cannot see or navigate I have been unable to see much to see if Kismet is working under Lion.

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