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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Need help with logtemplate
Date:14:54:34 23/09/2011

> I have been trying to get my kismet logs to be named in a manner that is compatible with Wiresharks "File Set" feature, and not having much luck.
> The format i'm looking for is would lok like "test_00001_20060420183910.pcap" as
> stated by the wireshark manual at
> Any help in the right direction would be much appreciated.

there isn't anything in the logtemplate in kismet that directly matches that - file number increment isn't padded and timestamps are done differently.

Unfortunately, while adding log template options to pad increment by zero and have an option for HMS without dashes is simple (already adding it in SVN), detecting sets in kismet and opening a new log as part of a set is pretty non-trivial since filenames wouldn't collide when dated with second precision.

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