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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Improvements (GPS, gpsxml, etc)
Date:18:19:52 29/08/2011

> I happened to notice that in the .gpsxml files that it states the signal strength and all, however, it does not state the channel it was received on. And the issue from this, is that from the data, I believe it makes it look like the network has sporadic blobs of signal strength as it channel hops and captures transmissions off-frequency with lower signal strength.

I'm currently revamping the xml for phy-neutral anyhow, I'll make sure to put a frequency note in the per-packet logging. It will also have a per-second logging option which will just list the peak signals for all devices in the last second, which may be more what you want.

> Also, is there any possibility of Kismet interpolating between GPS points when logging?

I'm not sure I understand the question. I wouldn't want to have Kismet try to fake GPS data, so I'm tempted to say no? If you want to interpolate between two positions I think that's something that should be done in the post-processing phase - anything "lossy" or fake-ish should happen then.

> Or is there an approach that I can use to overcome the above issues as I'm parsing the data (other than having something reparse a whole pcap file, which would kill the whole point of using Kismet in the first place)?

The new format will include some more support for that; plus you could use the GPS data in the PPI headers in the pcap, if you do ppi logging.

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