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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:No more wireless since kismet
Date:18:11:29 29/08/2011

> Hello,
> Since I ran kismet, my wireless network doesn't detect any networks anymore.
> I have both Ubuntu 10 and Windows 7 installed on my laptop. It doesn't work on both operating systems.

You can't be in monitor mode and be online with the same card, in most cases.

You'll need to restart your wireless system - either manually with 'iw' and related, or by rmmoding your wireless driver and reloading it if it doesn't like changing back or you don't know how on your distro. Kismet warns you about it when you exit.

> When I exited kismet my network card stayed in monitoring mode. So i put it in Managed with the commands:
> sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
> sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
> sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

iwconfig doesn't work to change mode on any modern drivers.

If nothing else a reboot will fix it.

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