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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Channel locking.
Date:13:20:25 22/08/2011

> Hi, I have Backtrack 5, with Kismet.
> I am having a problem with locking the channel.
> I am using ncsource=wlan0:hop=false,channel=5 (for example)
> Kismet is picking up other networks. despite the fact it should be locked to one channel.
> I am sure this used to work, I am wondering if allowing Backtrack to update itself has been an issue.
> Can anyone assist?
> Thanks

Channels overlap. The closer you are to a transmitter the more overlap you'll see. You're probably just getting either bleedover from overlap, or if you're running wpa_supplicant in the background when it does a scan it will change channels and you'll see other channel traffic.

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