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Posted by:gariac
Subject:Alfa awus051nh awus036h user report
Date:19:54:15 17/08/2011

I got a reply to a question I posted, but for some bizarre reason, I can't reply in the thread. The thread is at
This is basically a user report.

I have both the Alfa awus051nh and awus036h. Both operate as clients under win7 64 bit and opensuse 11.4 64 bit with default drivers. I've only run them as hosts under win7 64bit. I don't have any 32bit systems on hand. [I need to read up a bit on how to make them WAPs under linux, and no, I'm not looking for help at the moment, but rather just trying to be complete in my review.] They both work with kismet.

Of the two devices,the awus036h has much better reception. If you are trying to do a long distance point to point link, probably the awus036h is the way to go. Generally you are operating on the lower speed modes over a long distance anyway, so the features of the awus051nh wouldn't be as useful.

I've only done war driving as a novelty, and for that I suppose the awus036h is the way to go. [Lots of free wifi these days, so no need to borrow some random open network.] If you just want to monitor the ether around your location, you might as well get the awus051nh since it does more modes.

So what good is kismet? Well for one thing I now have a good idea what that damn Google spy-mobile was sniffing. I hadn't realized all the devices on my network could be seen. Kismet also detects the stealth devices so that you can find the best channel for your own system. [Stealth wifi seems kind of rude to me.] I also learned that my phone was probing every wifi profile I had ever set up. Seems like a waste of power to me so I defeated all that nonsense.

I may eventually set up kismet on a 24/7 basis just for the alarm features (mac spoofing detection for instance). Anyway, kismet is a great educational tool.

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