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Posted by:hds
Subject:Compiling kismet 2011-03-R2 on debian squeeze (can't find libnl)
Date:16:25:07 12/08/2011


I am trying to compile kismet 2011-03-R2 on a debian squeeze (6.0.2) installation and configure seems unable to find LibNL.

I have installed libnl-dev (and tried with libnl2-dev as well, same result) from apt. I also checked the configure script and it seems to be looking for the following headers:

asm/types.h netlink/genl/genl.h netlink/genl/family.h netlink/genl/ctrl.h netlink/msg.h netlink/attr.h

I found them all under /usr/include/linux, which I'm guessing is somewhere that gcc checks - although I added it to the INCLUDE_PATH environment variable just to make sure.

If anyone can give me any pointers as to where to look to solve this problem it would make me one very happy individual.

Thanks in advance.


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