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Posted by:pnewlon
Subject:not getting client or network IP addresses
Date:23:49:43 10/08/2011

> > I have kismet up and running on my Fedora 12 system. I see traffic, can sort by MAC and packets / data counts are running as expected. What is odd is that I never see the IP address of a client (Best-Guess IP) or of the network. I am testing on my home network and see that my IP TV is streaming lots of data but I can't see its IP address. Any thoughts on why I seem to have 'everything' working but this? Thanks! Phil
> That requires the data to be visible - are you running WPA? Kismet can't quite handle WPA decoding yet, unfortunately (anyone want to write me a patch?). The byte counts, direction of data, mac addresses, etc are all in the headers which are not encrypted.
> You could make a temporarily open network and try with that and you should see some IP data.

Ah - yes it is running WPA. I didn't realize the IP address was in the encoded part. Thanks!

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