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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet stop capturing pakets
Date:13:40:34 09/08/2011

> Hi, I have the wierdest problem with running Kismet.
> After a few minutes it stops collecting data form wlan card. I'm using Atheros 5006X to b exact and i had id configured something like:
> ncsource=wlan0:name=Atheros,type=ath6k (tried also without defining type)
> I did run the same configuration on newest Kubuntu and Backtrack 5 as well. In both cases its the same. Time isn't conclusive 3-10min of running then no more packets.
> I've read recently to disable dhclient so I killed all in the ctrl+Esc (System Activity window).
> What more can I do?

Try a different card/drivers/kernel version, make sure any sort of dhcp and networkmanager isn't running.

Nothing in kismet would tell it to stop capturing, so it's probably something like the driver locking up or the network interface being changed.

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