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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet receives nonsense
Date:19:41:14 27/07/2011

Your driver is broken and reports packets which do not pass the fcs. This should be fixed at the driver layer.


> Hello !
> I have a Problem with Kismet.
> (BT5, Kismet Newcore 2011-03-R2)
> Kismet works well on my Laptop. It recognises the right WLAN.
> Unfortunately after a few seconds it receives scrap and sorts that stuff in Autogroup Data, Hidden SSID, Autogroup Athoc and Autogroup Probe.
> The Mac-Adresses are not on Air, nor they will be :)
> I'm the only one around.
> Maybe Kismet guesses the Mac-Adresses :)
> Its impossible to sort the good Mac-adresses from the bad ones.
> I think, that error comes with the dwell-time on the channel.
> A WLAN on Channel 6 occurs on the corresponding channels 3-9, maybe Kismet gets some fragments on channel 3 which it cannot decode properly.
> Sometimes the Mac-Adresses are nearly the same as the wanted Mac, other Macs are complete different.
> I haven't found any solution yet. Is there a work-around ?
> An old version of Kismet (old Core) hasn't got this behavior.
> Thank you.
> AndreWas

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