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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet_Drone (Newcore) MIPS @ ASUS Wl-500gP
Date:17:28:24 26/07/2011

> What don't works:
> Kismet_Drone on the ASUS WL-500g. When I try to start the drone with:
> ./kismet_drone -f ./kismet_drone.conf
> I always get this message: " ./kismet_drone: line 1: syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") "
> The drone is a copy of the file on my Ubuntu-System from /usr/bin. In a german wardriving forum they said, that this won't work because these are different architectures (i386 & MIPS). I realized that this won't work, but I can't find a way to build a MIPS-version of the drone.
> What I tried to do:
> I compile the latest stable version with ./configure --build=mips-linux
> I did the same with the subversion code, but I always get the same syntax error.

That implies the binary you made isn't valid on that architecture and it's trying to handle it as a shell script. You absolutely can't run an intel binary on a mips platform.

To build for the target platform you need a complete build environment that matches, at least to some degree, the platform you're targetting. If you're using something like openwrt, you can use their build environment, otherwise you'll have to find the compilers, headers, and libraries for the firmware you're trying to use.

You can MAYBE sneak it past using an openwrt environment targetted for a compatible CPU, and compiling with static linking to include all the libraries.

Your best bet is to google for 'cross compiling' and your device/your firmware on that device.

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