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Posted by:Stu
Subject:Viewing Kismet logfiles/data
Date:17:04:04 20/07/2011

question for you guy's.. if you can help.

I've been asked to perform a wireless audit at my workplace. Kismet is exactly the thing I think we should be using.. as it scans the wireless ranges.. and also active and passively. What the sticking point is, that my manager types want to see the information output in a 'prettified' manner. I'm doing it within our building so GPS and google earth won't be accurate enough..

I've tried it.. and the signal dissipation makes things pop up in our car par and other strange places! Any suggestions on what I could do to make the standard Kismet data look 'nice' for the exec's would be great.. something like the oldcore log viewer would do the job :) Thanks!

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