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Posted by:dom123
Date:11:21:53 13/07/2011

> > <ssid>\031\031\031\031\031\031\031\031</ssid>
> >
> > All the ESSID values appear intact, and all the ssid values too except that one.
> >
> > I've never seen this with prior atheros drivers - does it indicate a problem?
> If you know why adopted such SSID, tell me too! Bye#

Hi Anton

The fix you suggested to the ath9k driver has been working almost flawlessly so thanks again for your help.

There is one minor issue I wondered if you would be able to shed any light on, iphones seem to result in broken SSID's:

jim\342\200\231s iPhone

Any ideas? Is this related to the "ATH9K_RXERR_MIC" in the CRC check do you think, or something else:


Thanks again.

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