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Posted by:Danny87
Subject:Kismet_Drone (Newcore) MIPS @ ASUS Wl-500gP
Date:21:14:44 12/07/2011


I have the following configuration and I'm trying to get it work:

ASUS WL-500g Premium v1 (WRT54g)
Garmin GPS18x-5Hz

Ubuntu 10.10 (latest Patch-Level)
DD-WRT v24-SP2

What works:
Ubuntu, GPSd and the GPS are working fine. Latest Kismet Newcore (Client & Server) is working with my config.

What don't works:
Kismet_Drone on the ASUS WL-500g. When I try to start the drone with:
./kismet_drone -f ./kismet_drone.conf
I always get this message: " ./kismet_drone: line 1: syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")") "

The drone is a copy of the file on my Ubuntu-System from /usr/bin. In a german wardriving forum they said, that this won't work because these are different architectures (i386 & MIPS). I realized that this won't work, but I can't find a way to build a MIPS-version of the drone.

What I tried to do:
I compile the latest stable version with ./configure --build=mips-linux
I did the same with the subversion code, but I always get the same syntax error.

Is there any source for a MIPS-version of the drone or a complete build to download?

I'm not very familiar with linux or rather with compiling code. I just read this things on the internet, so be tolerant with my mistakes that i made.

Greetings and thanks for your help,

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