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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:gpsd and kismet
Date:19:52:49 21/06/2011

> When using gpsd and the GPS loses the fix, Kismet still seems to report and use the last known location and fix status (client GPS status remains unchanged, gpsxml output location remains the same as before loss of fix). Additionally, after the GPS is disconnected, the client GPS status changes to indicate there is no data (and disconnects and reconnects to gpsd).. but the last known location still appears to be used as evidenced by the gpsxml output.
> I am using 2011-03-R2. gpsmodelock is off.
> It seems unintuitive that this would be the intended behavior..

Confirmed behaviour, although only with a JSON enabled GPSD.

Please post the GPSD version you've used when you experienced this.

I'll try to track the reason down, and send dragorn a patch.


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