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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:suid/permissions problems, ubuntu 10.10
Date:13:28:09 21/06/2011

> I know this comes up an awful lot on these forums, but I'm going to ask the question again. I just installed the latest kismet packages from the project's repositories. I chose to install suidroot as prompted during package installation. The result:

> So naturally I double-checked whether or not my account is a member of the kismet group (yes). I then checked the ownership and permissions of kismet_capture in /usr/bin. For reference:

either your user isn't in the kismet group after all (did you log out/in again? check 'groups') or your filesystem doesn't allow suid (is all all mounted as one or is /usr separated and maybe nosuid or something in your install?), or you're running some sort of permissions layer on top (pax/selinux) that isn't configured to allow suid?

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