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Posted by:Lelephant
Subject:How do I add a source in kismet?
Date:20:27:57 19/06/2011

> > Which version of Kismet do you use? new core or old version?
> > If you use new core version, you can add the capture source via the ncurse UI.
> > Otherwise, if you use old version, you can use the following command:
> >
> > sudo kismet -c ath5k,wlan0,name
> >
> > where 'ath5k' is the type of your adapter and 'wlan0' is you interface name you can get from ifconfig command, the 'name' can be any string.
> I think I'm using the new core because a window pops up in terminal when it asks me to add a source. My problem is that the window asks me for "Intf" and "Opts", and I don't know what either of those are. If I have the new core can I still use that command successfully?

Also, you said that ath5k was my adapter type. Can you give me an example of an adapter "type"? I don't quite understand.

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