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Posted by:diabloneo
Subject:How do I add a source in kismet?
Date:12:40:26 19/06/2011

> I'm fully aware of my complete and utter noobdom. That said, I cannot find an explanation on Google or these forums on how to add a source to kismet. I run kismet and it tells me I have to add a source. I'm pretty sure that I would add my wireless adapter as that source, but I don't know what to put in for the "Intf", "Name" and "Opts" fields of the "add a source" window. Is there some command I run to get this information from my wireless adapter? I'm using the WG111v3 on Backtrack 5.

Which version of Kismet do you use? new core or old version?
If you use new core version, you can add the capture source via the ncurse UI.
Otherwise, if you use old version, you can use the following command:

sudo kismet -c ath5k,wlan0,name

where 'ath5k' is the type of your adapter and 'wlan0' is you interface name you can get from ifconfig command, the 'name' can be any string.

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