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Posted by:Dutch
Subject:[Solved] Speed from JSON type GPSD not working.
Date:09:49:01 14/06/2011

Hi Mike,

As said in the #kismet IRC channel, I've noted a problem with speed info from the gps, when using a JSON enabled GPSD. It simply isn't updated, and stays at zero. Tested with 3 GPS's, BT, USB serial and RS232 serial, under GPSD 3.95 and GPSD 3.96.

All three GPS's works fine when using a direct serial connection from Kismet.

It turns out you forgot to parse the speed field from the JSON data in

If you want a patch, just holler, but just duplicating of the lat or lon parsing and changing the field indicator an variables took care of it.

Furthermore a small request : Please change the display of lat/lon to include a fixed set of 6 digits after the decimal instead of letting the NtoString<float> conversion in do a default 4 digits rounding. The GPS coordinates are in decimal degrees, and standard there is 6 digits after the decimal when displaying and using decimal degrees.



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