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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Newbie Problems with packet source
Date:14:16:17 13/06/2011

> Hi,
> i installed kismet the first time and i've problems with the packet source.
> I have a Lenovo t61 with Windows 7/32bit.
> I think there's a Intel iwl4965 WLAN device builtin.
> I'm running a Oracle VBOX 4.0.8.
> The Network-Interface "Intel Wireless WIFI Link 4965AGN" is linked via a Network-Bridge to the VBox Guest.

You can not do this, sorry.

Vbox is virtualizing the network interface as an ethernet, because it doesn't understand 802.11, and it can't virtualize raw PCI devices. Basically, the linux vm doesn't control the real wireless device, and there's no way to make it.

If you bought a USB card, like the Alfa, you could tell vbox to pass that to the guest (via the devices->usb menu or something like that) and run the linux drivers on it directly, because USB is easier to pass through to a virtual machine. Then in linux you'd have something like wlan0, and Kismet would be happy about it.

There are several LiveCDs (backtrack, pentoo) which will run off the CD without modifying your hard drive. You'll have to reboot, but if you used one of them you could use the intel built-in wifi NIC you're trying to use now.

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