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Posted by:tslbai
Subject:Newbie Problems with packet source
Date:13:38:28 13/06/2011


i installed kismet the first time and i've problems with the packet source.

I have a Lenovo t61 with Windows 7/32bit.
I think there's a Intel iwl4965 WLAN device builtin.

I'm running a Oracle VBOX 4.0.8.
The Network-Interface "Intel Wireless WIFI Link 4965AGN" is linked via a Network-Bridge to the VBox Guest.

On the VBox i run latest Ubuntu 11.04, actual patch-level.
I installed kismet 2011-03-R2.

The WLAN-Interface is eth1 in the Linux-System and works. I have network-access via this interface.
The DHCP-Client is switched off.

In the /etc/kismet/kismet.config i configured:

when i start kismet, there occurs the Error-message:
"All packet sources are in error state ..."

In the Server-Log:
mode get ioctl failed 95:Operation not supported
Failed to get current wireless mode for interface eth1

Has anyona a hint for me? Where's my mistake?
Can i post any useful logdata?

Thanks in advance,


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