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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:No networks detected
Date:20:08:24 08/06/2011

> Hello,
> First of all, I'm quite new to Linux and I might of overlooked something stupid, but I'm having a little problem with Kismet that I can't explain.
> Basically after adding the source in the conf file, I have a ALFA AWUS036H, so as a source I add rt8180, wlan0, ALFA.

Sounds like you're using a VERY (2-3 years) old kismet.

> I am running Backtrack3 on VMWare player, so everytime I restart the virtual machine everything is wiped, so even if I had screwed some configuration up somewhere it would be reset.

That would do it. Backtrack has much newer versions. Run an up-to-date one (and up-to-date kismet).

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