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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Repository crap
Date:20:06:54 08/06/2011

Rather than follow up all the other threads individually:

repositories are signed, instructions for key are on download page.

ubuntu is not my primary (or even secondary) distribution, and the repository creation documentation is CRAP. if they continue to not work, I may simply discontinue the repository idea, because after wasting 2 hours on it today, I'm just about out of patience for incomplete and conflicting documentation.

(Fun fact - the docs say make a Packages.gz, but if you don't make a Packages, and DO make a Release, apt fails with a missing Packages file. If you then make a Packages AND a Release and NOT a Packages.gz, apt fails... with a missing Packages.gz file! Good work!)

Also fun fact - apt-ftparchive really loves to run the system out of ram and eventually OOM itself (and a bunch of other services) if you even slightly poke it the wrong way. Hence the unavailability of the server for some time this afternoon.

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