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Posted by:Xeneth82
Subject:Ubuntu 10.10 and kismet
Date:18:29:23 02/06/2011

have gotten kismet working for the most part. I am having trouble with 2 pieces.

#1 Kismet does not set eth1 (wireless) to monitor mode automatically. I have to open a terminal and set it manually. Any way to set it so that when I open kismet, it get's switched, and closing switches it back?

#2 When I put it into monitor mode, it picks up data, but channel hopping fails. I get a message "cannot set channel #", and it cycles through each one.

I know it is possible to get this working because I had it working before before an upgrade crashed it.

I did read on the kismet forums the ipw2200 (my driver) may require legacy commands, but I do not know how to set that up being a novice with Linux.

Thanks in advanced.

PS: I can't get the repository to work. Tried using the software services app and directly adding it to the source.list file.

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