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Posted by:Anton
Date:09:57:15 01/06/2011

> >
> > You need to configure kismet to use libnl. Then compile with libnl. Only then kismet will use libnl. Use OpenWrt trunk and cross compiler. See chapter OpenWrt Build.
> Thanks - i've been looking into this and as far as I can tell, libnl is installed and referenced from the kismet Makefile. Once the openwrt is booted, apt-get list_installed shows that both libnl and libnl-tiny are installed too.
> Not sure where else to go from here, the primary issue is "broken" SSID's, which seems to be FCS validation failures all showing through:
> <ssid>NETG\305\011R</ssid>
> <ssid>NETGEAR</ssid>
> <ssid>wirelEas</ssid>
> <ssid>wireless</ssid>
> <ssid>belkin54g</ssid>
> <ssid>\367!reless</ssid>
> <ssid>&amp;\347$kin54g</ssid>
> <ssid>BTOpenzone</ssid>
> <ssid>belk\351&amp;54g</ssid>
> <ssid>rOOpenzone</ssid>
> <ssid>BTOpenzo\366h</ssid>

Option 1. Use checks FCS implemented in kismet


and for openwrt necessarily need to make changes in

int PacketSource_Pcap::Eight2KisPack(kis_packet *packet, kis_datachunk *linkchunk) {
kis_datachunk *eight11chunk = NULL;

eight11chunk = new kis_datachunk;

eight11chunk->length = kismin((linkchunk->length - fcsbytes),
(uint32_t) MAX_PACKET_LEN);

eight11chunk->data = new uint8_t[eight11chunk->length];
memcpy(eight11chunk->data, linkchunk->data, eight11chunk->length);

kis_fcs_bytes *fcschunk = NULL;
if (fcsbytes && linkchunk->length > 4) {
fcschunk = new kis_fcs_bytes;
memcpy(fcschunk->fcs, &(linkchunk->data[linkchunk->length - 4]), 4);
// Valid until proven otherwise
fcschunk->fcsvalid = 1;

packet->insert(_PCM(PACK_COMP_FCSBYTES), fcschunk);

// If we're validating the FCS
if (validate_fcs && fcschunk != NULL) {
// Compare it and flag the packet
uint32_t calc_crc =
__le32_to_cpu(crc32_le_80211(globalreg->crc32_table, eight11chunk->data,

... and validate FCS in kismet&openwrt is work.

Option 2. Need to fix driver ath9k. Look in the code of the driver "ATH9K_RXERR_CRC" and you will understand why you get corrupted packets.

Good luck!

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