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Posted by:coldasice
Subject:kismet conf file
Date:00:32:22 22/05/2011

Hello all, i`m new to linux, and i`m tryin` to config my kismet conf file cuz i get this message

FATAL: Please configure at least one packet source. Kismet will not function if no packet sources are defined in kismet.conf or on the command line

i`ve googled few tutorials but cannot figure out what i should type there , i use Atheros 9285 , my wifi interface is wlan0 as u can see :

Interface Chipset Driver

wlan0 Atheros ath9k - [phy0]

i know it should look like this : source=iwl3945,eth1,eth1 or source=madwifi_ag,wifi0,madwifi

i`ve tried and changed for with my ath , wlan0 , but it still wont work, soo please tell me what i should type in those three lines after source= and what does it mean each .and if you could tell me how to determine what to type there or where does it say what to put there. thanks alot

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