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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Using Kismet through BT4 from a VMWare Workstation!
Date:02:53:16 20/05/2011

> "Couldn't auto-detect driver for interface RT2870. There may be a problem with the device (such as it not existing) or it may use some of the drivers which cannot be auto-detected. See the README section 'Caveats and quirks for specific drivers' to learn how to configure the specific driver.

You haven't read the error message, which tells you exactly the problem and exactly what to do: Read the README (conveniently located under the 'documentation' link on the website, as well), specifically, the section titled 'caveats and quirks for specific drivers'.

You're using a third-party out-of-kernel driver for the rt card, which kind of works in monitor mode, but not very well. What you really want to be using is the real linux in-kernel driver, which uses mac80211, autodetects, and does monitor mode well. If you really, really want to use the rt2870sta driver, you have to manually tell kismet what you're using, because the driver doesn't follow the standard model.

Also, your interface is not 'RT2870'. It's probably ra0 or rausb0 or something like that, I don't know.

There is also no need to open multiple topics of exactly the same message. I removed your multiple duplicate postings.

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