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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:"Type" in Protocol
Date:13:50:32 19/05/2011

> > > Hey Dragorn.
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> > > Just a quick query. I've been doing a bit of work around the functionality of each of the different protocols in Kismet. Within the "Client", "SSID" and "BSSID" ID, there is a sub-protocol (is that the correct term?) called "Type". When running, this appears to be an integer ranging from 1-4. I am just wondering if you can explain what each of these integers means?
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> > Enumerated in whatever the relevant tracker portion of the code is for that (client, network, etc). It's the enum of the trackable types.
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> > Generally I call them fields.
> Thanks a lot. So for example, let's say I'm looking at the Client protocol and see "type" as number 3, what would that represent? Can I look up anywhere what each number relates to?

It's defined in the headers for whatever device is being tracked. So for right now, the dot11 data is in nettracker.h under network and client type enumerations.

This will be moving to the phytracker core over the next months, however values are unlikely to change, just the mechanism for accessing them (as mentioned before, tracked entities will be broken into common data for all entities, and protocol-specific data, so gps, signal, packet counts, frequency distribution, and such will be moved into common, while the new bssid, ssid, etc sentences will contain the dot11-unique data only.

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