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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:"Type" in Protocol
Date:13:12:09 19/05/2011

> > Hey Dragorn.
> >
> > Just a quick query. I've been doing a bit of work around the functionality of each of the different protocols in Kismet. Within the "Client", "SSID" and "BSSID" ID, there is a sub-protocol (is that the correct term?) called "Type". When running, this appears to be an integer ranging from 1-4. I am just wondering if you can explain what each of these integers means?
> Enumerated in whatever the relevant tracker portion of the code is for that (client, network, etc). It's the enum of the trackable types.
> Generally I call them fields.

Thanks a lot. So for example, let's say I'm looking at the Client protocol and see "type" as number 3, what would that represent? Can I look up anywhere what each number relates to?

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