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Posted by:scrivomcdivo
Subject:Using Kismet through BT4 from a VMWare Workstation!
Date:21:20:01 18/05/2011

Can you screen capture the error message? Basically, you need to tell Kismet what your wireless interface is. Before running Kismet, type iwconfig in a command line and it'll list all your wireless cards. Identify the card you wish to put into promiscuous mode and then jot down the name (RAUSB1 or WLAN0 for example). Now once noted, open up a new command line and type in airmon-ng start [the name of your wireless interface]. So for example you would type in airmon-ng start wlan0. This will then put your card into promiscuous mode. Once done, run Kismet. Kismet should prompt you (unless you've changed the config file) to enter the identity of the wireless interface you wish to use. Enter the one you've just chose (WLAN0 for example) and voila, Kismet should then run!

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