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Posted by:ClarkCaution
Subject:Using Kismet through BT4 from a VMWare Workstation!
Date:17:45:18 18/05/2011

Can someone please help me. I'm using a desktop that's wireless. It's a Dell Intel Pentium Optiplex GX280...(it's 3 Ghz, and 2G RAM)...It's running on Windows XP Professional, but I installed Ubuntu Linux as another OS because I was trying to run Kismet. I can boot with either operating system. NY WHOLE PURPOSE FOR INSTALLING UBUNTU WAS to run Kismet as well as some other hacking programs. I downloaded the old Backtrack 4 Final version, and through some research I discovered the VMWare Workstation. I installed Backtrack 4 through the VMWare machine from Windows. I never realized I could switch back and forth so easily from Windows to Backtrack4. That's great, so now I'm realizing that I don't need Ubuntu, but apparently is not very easy to take off my computer. That's not necessarily my main problem. MY PROBLEM IS THIS...when I'm using Backtrack 4, and I open up Kismet...I can't seem to get a connection. It says Kismet is not connected. I'm using an Alpha Network AWUSO36NH long-range USB adapter connected to a 15db antenna. I do know that when I check the Chipset in BT4 it says "Ra Link 2560 PCI" and the driver says "rt2500". However, when I open Kismet I'm lost. I've tried relentlessly to research this to no avail. Can anyone please help me...THANKS!!!

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