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Posted by:dragorn
Date:14:09:02 13/05/2011

> Hi
> Sorry for starting another thread but i thought it may help with clarity.
> In attempting to fix my ongoing issue of broken SSID's, i'm wondering how significant this message is:
> ERROR: Source 'wlan0' doesn't have mac80211 support, disabling VAP creation of
> default monitor mode VAP
> That message appears even with forcevap=true set at ncsource on the drone.

That's weird, and not good...

> This is a freshly built openwrt firmware using the following settings, and applying the "__le32_to_cpu" fix to

What fix is this?

> We seem to be getting all the broken/corrupt packets - though this is an assumption.
> Thanks in advance, very much appreciated.

Are you sure you're using the kernel ath9k drivers, and not some vendor variant for your embedded system? Make sure on that. I'd check dmesg and lsmod, and make sure you're loading the drivers you think you are.

What does kismet do if you don't specify the type? You shouldn't need to, for kernel drivers at least. if it can't detect the type, that may indicate you're running out-of-kernel vendor drivers? Kismet has a fail-through model for the linux drivers where it tries to use the mac80211 controls then falls back to the old-school ioctl controls. It seems like it's doing that, which means something funny is going on.

The kernel drivers ought to be mac80211 based. The only other things I can think of is if netlink isn't compiled into your kernel (would be hard, but i think maybe possible?)

Personally I'm leaning towards "not really running ath9k", which would explain the mac80211 and the invalid frames coming in, but if you're absolutely positive you're running the kernel ath9k drivers, I'm at a bit of a loss.

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