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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Source 'wlan0': channel get ioctl failed 22:Invalid argument
Date:04:29:41 13/05/2011

> Hi
> I've compiled kismet-drone onto WP543 device - AR7130 CPU and AR9220 wireless chip, kernel and kismet_drone is throwing the following error, though no FATAL messages.
> However is not identifying any networks.
> I am hoping i'm relatively close to getting this working.. just wondering if someone can help with this final error?

This is a non-error. Somewhere else something is going wrong.

Make sure you're getting a monitor vap (wlan0mon by default)
and that packets are coming in on it (tcpdump while kismet is running).

If you ARE getting packets and kismet isn't doing anything with them, they may be in some way corrupt or misformed or just weirdly different - grab a pcap with tcpdump, and put it somewhere I can look at it, or email it to me (zip/gzip it)

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