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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Kismet install help - totalnoob
Date:19:25:19 11/05/2011

> Hi Kismet-user,
> I’ve a problem to install Kismet with full functionality. I took this way ( to install Kismet. But I only get the broken Kismet. I can see this in kismet.conf (version-2009 instead of the actual version I downloaded, ncsource instead of source, no suiduser, no ipmap=ip_map and so on).

Uninstall the old kismet, first.

> According to Kismet-Documentation, Kismet requires foo-dev or foo-devel before compiling to read all the headers and libraries for full functionality. I thought that this is part of build-essential, but obviously it is not. So I decided to install foo-dev or foo-devel manually by apt-get install foo-dev or foo-devel. But there is no package like that. So I thought that foo-dev or foo-devel is part of a package called foo. But no way. There is even no package foo, foo-dev or foo-devel in the fresh Kismet I downloaded. Even my google search was unsuccessfully.

Foo is a generic term often used, like 'etc'. There are many packages kismet needs to compile, and it changes depending on your system setup. This is indicating that for any given missing package reported during configuration, you'll need both the package, and the whatever-devel package installed.

referencing apt implies you have a deb or ubuntu system. For ubuntu, there are packages on the download page, pre-compiled with suid funcitonality. For debian, they MAY work, though they have not been tested.

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