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Posted by:totalnoob
Subject:Kismet install help - totalnoob
Date:14:40:11 10/05/2011

Hi Kismet-user,

I’ve a problem to install Kismet with full functionality. I took this way ( to install Kismet. But I only get the broken Kismet. I can see this in kismet.conf (version-2009 instead of the actual version I downloaded, ncsource instead of source, no suiduser, no ipmap=ip_map and so on).

According to Kismet-Documentation, Kismet requires foo-dev or foo-devel before compiling to read all the headers and libraries for full functionality. I thought that this is part of build-essential, but obviously it is not. So I decided to install foo-dev or foo-devel manually by apt-get install foo-dev or foo-devel. But there is no package like that. So I thought that foo-dev or foo-devel is part of a package called foo. But no way. There is even no package foo, foo-dev or foo-devel in the fresh Kismet I downloaded. Even my google search was unsuccessfully.

Please give me some help. What’s my mistake? What package does I have to install before compiling to get kismet with full functionality?

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