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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ar9280+802.11na+ath9k+kismet don't capture data packets
Date:14:19:51 29/04/2011

> Hello!
> if (use_mac80211) {
> if ((err = mac80211_setchannel_cache(interface.c_str(), globalreg->nlhandle,
> nlfamily, in_ch, 2, errstr)) >= 0) {
> 2 - HT40+
> And data packets are captured!
> Need to change, but how to make it universally with all the links?


This is going to actually be a fairly deep and profound change to make work in Kismet in general, because you need to look at HT40+ - others need to look at HT40-, etc, so this is going to have to change how channels are parsed. I'll try to work on a reasonable fix.

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