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Posted by:Anton
Subject:ar9280+802.11na+ath9k+kismet don't capture data packets
Date:18:16:29 22/04/2011

> Kismet shouldn't care

int PacketSource_Wext::SetChannel(unsigned int in_ch) {
char errstr[STATUS_MAX];
int err = 0;

// Set and exit if we're ok
if (use_mac80211) {
if ((err = mac80211_setchannel_cache(interface.c_str(), globalreg->nlhandle,
>> nlfamily, in_ch, 0, errstr)) >= 0) {
0 - is htmode flag!
This does not affect?
Kismet was compiled with libnl-2.0, and the flag use_mac80211 is set. I also used the option forcevap=true, but the result is the same.
I will try to use tcpdump, the results will tell you. Thank you for your reply.

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