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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:ar9280+802.11na+ath9k+kismet don't capture data packets
Date:16:23:46 22/04/2011

> Hello!
> The platform uses D-link DIR-825 Atheros AR7161, with two AR9280(802.11bgn and 802.11an)
> kismet-2010-07-R1 is installed to OpenWrt Backfire Trunk. Used driver at9k of compat-wireless-2011-04-19.
> For tests I use D-Link Dir-825 AP and D-Link DWA-160. Connection speed is 300 Mbps at 36 channel.
> Kismet captures PHY and Control packets, and don't capture the data packets.

> Is it possible to capture 802.11n data packets using Kismet?

Kismet shouldn't care, but it's likely the drivers dont' pass data packets properly. I'm not sure any driver on linux supports 11n sniffing properly at the moment.

Try capturing from the wlanXmon interface at the same time using tcpdump; if you see data packets in there that kismet is not seeing, post the pcap file and I'll take a look to see why kismet isn't processing them. I'm going to bet you won't see any data packets in tcpdump either, however.

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