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Posted by:nightbear
Subject:Crypt Column in Network List
Date:10:44:02 22/04/2011

> I am wondering what the letters in the C column mean.
> I have Kismet 2011-01-R1. I start it up with everything default. In the Network List, I see that there is a column labeled C. If I go to Kismet > Preferences > Network Columns, the Network List Column Preferences window comes up. There, I can see that the C column is "crypt", with a description of "Encryption options".
> I have looked at Kismet's documentation, and searched this forum and others, yet nowhere can I find what the letters in the C column mean. I am seeing W, N, O, and ? presently. Can anyone give me a key for this column?
> And while we're at it, how about a key for the colors in the Network List? I found a nondescriptive color key under Kismet > Preferences > Colors:
> Blue: Netlist Header or Netlist Group
> Green: Netlist Unencrypted
> Red: Netlist WEP
> Yellow: Netlist Encrypted
> Hi-magenta: Netlist Decrypted
> More details, like the difference between WEP and Encrypted, and what Header means, would be nice.

N => no encryption
W => WEP
O => other (usually meaning WPA)

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