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Posted by:dragorn
Subject:Small footprint solution
Date:17:39:06 06/04/2011

> I’ve read through some of the Kismet documentation and find it very interesting and Kismet will probably do much more then we need.
> Hence this e-mail to you.

Well, email, and a forum post.

> At EyeDPro we’re interested in a simple, small footprint solution that will do the following:
> 1- Capture data from one or more wireless cards installed in a Linux system (e.g. a Globalscale Sheevaplug/Guruplug running Ubuntu Linux)
> 2- Dump this data into either a database or a flat file
> Is above something we can do with Kismet as is?
> If not do you know people who could help us with creating this small footprint solution.
> In our case using less resources is better.

Yeah, Kismet would run fine on those devices.

The resources needed by kismet depend on what you're doing and what the environment is. Since Kismet tracks networks and clients, the more of those that are near your sensor, the more resources Kismet needs.

A near-zero-resource option is to run a drone server (capture & network, no decode or tracking) on each sensor node and pipe the data back to a single Kismet server on a larger system (you don't say what your use case is, so I don't know if this is suitable or not). The primary resource use in this model is the wired network capacity of the sensor.

Kismet would run comfortably on a plug device for most situations.

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